I've just taken a look at my 'Flower Bomb Songs' website statistics for November and my hip site had just under 63,000 hits. That's phenomenal when I think about it because 'Flower Bomb Songs' is not linked to that many other blogs or websites. I'm very much an underground thing anyway.

Even so, having so many people/animals/aliens land on my site, even if it's for a brief time, is very satisfying. It also appears that 70s punk and 80s indie is slightly more popular than '60s garage and psych as the hits increased by approx 5,000 in November.

I was unable to create a YouTube video for several punk and indie records due to licensing laws, this situation was frustrating. So some of you out there might be happy to hear that I'm gonna write/research and YouTube some very obscure 45s from the '60s. Hopefully, I won't encounter such licensing laws this time....  


  1. Congrats! That's a huge number of hits. (Must be a hundred times what I get!) I think there are lots of tracks/info on Flower Bomb Songs which you don't see that much of elsewhere - all credit to you for airing those obscurities.

  2. Thanks C....It's been around 50,000 for a couple of years then the hits have gradually increased since around Jan/Feb this year. I think it's when I decided to link my blog with my uploads to my YouTube Channel instead of divshare.


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