PINKERTON'S COLOURS - 'Magic Rocking Horse'/'It Ain't Right' (Decca F.12493) September 1966

Pinkerton's Assorted Colours had a hit with their first single 'Mirror Mirror' but by the time of their third release it seems that Decca were not going to extend their contract unless 'Magic Rocking Horse' was a hit. It wasn't of course, and Pinkerton's Colours as they were now known, signed a recording deal with Pye Records.

Perhaps the UK record buying public weren't ready for the whimsical pop melodies of 'Magic Rocking Horse' although it probably received little or no air time upon it's release. The song title lived on though in the form of a title for a Rubble compilation on Bam Caruso in the 80s.

'Magic Rocking Horse' was also recorded by Plasticland, an 80s psych band from USA. I actually heard their version before the original. Come to think of it, back then I probably thought that the song was a Plasticland tune.

The flip 'It Ain't Right' is an excelent beat ballad and may have been the better bet for a hit.