LINK CROMWELL - 'Crazy Like A Fox'/'Shock Me' (Hollywood Records 1107) March 1966

My recent 'New Jersey Fragments' 5 CD set is no longer available, I only made six copies and they all went to good homes within an hour or so of advertising them over on my Opulent Conceptions blog. Any future CD sets I compile will only be highlighted there, so bookmark the site.

I'll write about some of the 45s featured on 'New Jersey Fragments' over the next few weeks. One such record was this decent folk rock protest disc on Hollywood Records. Link Cromwell was in actual fact Lenny Kaye (of the Nuggets comp fame) and some studio cats from Associated Recording Studios in Times Square, NYC.

At the time of the recording in late 1965, Lenny Kaye was residing in North Brunswick, NJ. I don't know if the release caused any big waves outside of his home town, probably not, but for me it's a neat little jangly folk rocker with an obvious nod to Sonny Bono.