LINCOLN ST. EXIT - 'Who's Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab'/'Paper Place' (Lance Records 109/110) June 1967

The Lincoln St. Exit were a group of teenagers from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their singles are sought after especially the one on Ecco 'The Bummer'/'Sunny Sunday Dream', but this cool two sider on Lance Records ain't too shabby either.

Lance Records was run by Dick Stewart who also produced this 45. He was a member of local group King Richard & the Knights who had three singles on Delta.

It's believed that 'Paper Place' was based on popular TV show Peyton Place. Both sides were officially re-issued  back in 2000 from the masters by Bacchus Archives. The EP also contained both sides of The Fe-Fi-Four Plus Two screamer 'I Wanna Come Back From The World Of LSD'/'Double Crossin' Girl'.....



  1. This is a great one. I was actually listening to this today (on the Bands On Lance comp) and was looking online for some nice-looking label scans.
    No luck, so... thanks!!


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