DISRAELI - 'What Will The New Day Bring?'/'Spinnin' Round' (Mantra Records M-113) 1968

Disraeli are one of those rare American groups that got to release four singles but still remain virtually unknown outside the small band of pop psych fans scattered around the world. I'd never heard of them until their brilliant folk psycher 'What Will The New Day Bring?' was compiled on one of those 'Fading Yellow' collections. The picture sleeve was also utilized on that release showing Disraeli in fetching red jackets, not unlike the one's The Kinks used to wear in 1964.

I decided that I needed to track down their records after hearing the previously mentioned 'What Will The New Day Bring?'. With a name like Disraeli searching for their records isn't an easy task, especially on Ebay. Go ahead and try it. You'll have to wade through thousands of Cream records....then you'll be disappointed that no Disraeli 45s are listed. They're very hard to find!

It's thought that Disraeli got their name from Benjamin Disraeli, who was Prime Minister of Britain during Queen Victoria's reign. This may be true but I suspect Cream's album 'Disraeli Gears' may also have been a factor, as Disraeli do have an 'English' sound running throughout their recordings.

I believe that an earlier 45 was released on Mantra Records before this one. According to Garage Hangover, the record was 'Tomorrow's Day'/'Humidity'. I've been on the look out for this for some years but have never even seen a copy offered for sale.

'Spinnin' Round' is not as immediate as the top side but it's still a little gem just waiting to be discovered. Both sides were produced by Richard Keefer who also worked with Sound Vendor and United Travel Service.



  1. 1 minute and 64 seconds eh!- actually I have a record by Bill Withers that is 2 minutes 72 seconds, what's that all about?

  2. I know.....I think it was their little joke as the records lasts 2:04

  3. I just posted the single "Tomorrow's Day" on ebay!!!


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