DISRAELI - 'Say You Love Me'/'I've Seen Her One Time' (Mantra Records M-114) 1968

Next up for Disraeli was a double sided mid period Beatles sounding 45 that is way out of style for 1968. 'Say You Love Me' is pure pop but the lyrics are a bit too soppy for my liking. The record was again housed in a picture sleeve and the group shot shows Disraeli as clean cut boys with neat haircuts, buttoned jackets and shirts.

The whole world was going day-glo by the day but all Disraeli wanted to do was sing catchy pop songs and forget about freaking out or dropping some mind bombs. The flip 'I've Seen Her One Time' is another pop gem with some excelent Association style vocal harmonies.

I've read elsewhere that Disraeli were a very popular group in their home town Astoria, Oregon. Too bad no one else knew about them because they were great....