ARIZONA SWAMP COMPANY - 'Tennessee Woman'/'Train Keeps Rollin' (Parlophone R5841) May 1970

Back in the Summer I reviewed every one of The Nashville Teens Decca singles, but at the time I was missing a couple of pieces of the jigsaw that I required to give an even broader picture of their sounds. One such item was their only release for Parlophone under the alias of Arizona Swamp Company.

I'm not quite sure why the band decided to change their name for this single. Perhaps it was a contractual thing? Whatever the reason, it didn't really matter as the 45 bombed out of site. The record wasn't a big seller and as such is scarce and does not show up for sale too often.

'Tennessee Woman' is a belter of a tune, a typical late 60s rocker with great energy and a memorable chorus. Should have been a hit as it really had everything going for it. The flip 'Train Kept Rollin' is another powerful rocker with an absolute killer lead guitar rave-up. Easily the equal of The Yardbirds version and my favourite..

'Train Keeps Rollin' was compiled on Rubble 13 "Freak Beat Fantoms"....although it's not really 'freakbeat' but late 60s/early 70s rock and blues.