THE USERS - 'Sick Of You'/'I'm In Love With Today' (Raw Records 1) May 1977

The first ever release on the newly formed Raw Records label was by this group of teenagers from Cambridge calling themselves The Users. Both sides are energetic punk rock with the top side 'Sick Of You' considered a classic of the genre....complete with adolescent lines like:

"When we meet, you're like a bitch on heat."

The Stooges were obviously an influence on The Users, both songs display a hybrid of Iggy's group and maybe early New York Dolls. The group released other records but I've never even heard those, I only got this record of theirs during my teenage years. Here's the flip 'I'm In Love With Today.'


  1. A real blast from the past - blimey, I haven't seen that sleeve or heard that in years. Never owned it, but my boyfriend did, and I also remember taping Sick Of You from the Peel show. Still love both sides!

  2. I've read that the first pressing was 2,500 copies. These sold fast and a second pressing of 2,500 was manufactured a few months later. The second pressing (mine) has had the volume boosted and boy does it sound LOUD!


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