THE CLASH - 'Capitol Radio' (CBS 7324) May 1979

Singles by The Clash were never far away from the turntable back in the late 70s and early 80s. I collected all of their 45s upto and including 'Bank Robber' from 1980 then they started sounding 'Americanized' to me so I ceased to be interested in them. I was so fickle back then and fortunately I've never changed.

This four song EP was released during May 1979 and did well, just missing out on the Top 20. Maybe Radio 1 started to play Clash records or something, although I never heard anything played from this at the time.

The best cut is 'I Fought The Law' which I later discovered to be a cover version written by Sonny Curtis, who was a member of The Crickets. The Clash may have heard it from them but more likely by The Bobby Fuller Four.

'Capitol Radio' is an extented version with mellow acoustic guitar intro with a reprise of 'I Fought The Law' in which Joe Strummer goes all Jamaican. And I must admit that I started to cringe. For the art loving sleeve sect praise must be given for this cool pop art design based on the Daz washing power box.