THE CHURCH - 'The Unguarded Moment'/'She Never Said' (Carrere 2081) 1982

I can't believe it's taken me almost six years of writing/researching entries for 'Flower Bomb Songs' to finally get around to posting one of my all time favourite songs by a contemporary group. 'The Unguarded Moment' by The Church became something of a 'life changer' when I first heard it sometime in 1982.

I was seventeen years old and had gradually moved from 70s punk rock to listening more to 60s groups. I didn't know it at the time but I suppose my tastes in music had become more vibrant, colourful and sophisticated. I wanted to hear folk rock and psychedelia. Trouble being that no contemporary groups were playing what I wanted to hear in 1982. That was until my head was turned around and my mind turned on by a psychedelic rock group from Australia called The Church.

I remember seeing their official promo video for 'The Unguarded Moment' in late '82 on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'...they had it all as far as I was concerned. Four cool looking lads with killer haircuts, paisley shirts, jangly 12 string Rickenbacker action, mysterious lyrics etc. Best still....they were happening RIGHT NOW and I needed their records real bad but no one in my Town was selling them...

I managed to obtain the UK Carrere release via mail order from a record shop in London and read somewhere that their first album was due to be released in some parts of Europe. I quickly made my move and secured a copy and it's probably become one of my most played albums by a non 60s group.

I tried to get my mates into The Church but no one was interested. I was pleased in a way because it made The Church even more important to me. The more obscure the better was my motto back when I was a teenager. I loved the fact that virtually no-one had ever heard of them in Britain, at least not until 'Starfish' was released in 1988.

'The Unguarded Moment' was first released in the UK during April 1982 b/w 'Busdriver'. The single was then re-released with a different B-Side during September 1982. Those new songs were 'An Interlude' and 'The Golden Dawn', the latter a none LP track. I then located a release from West Germany with another B-side, this time 'She Never Said'.

The Church were a very important group for me back then, like I said, they were a 'life-changer'....


  1. i have the crazy quirk of loving only about 3 songs out of the Church's repertoire most of which i've heard... guesses? :)
    A: the 1st 3 cuts from HEYDAY, those songs are classic strange slick masterpieces

  2. I find it hard to listen to any Church record after 'Blurred Crusade'.....

    From 'Seance' onwards they were blighted by horrible 80s drum production. including 'Heyday'

    is my unplugged homespun version of 'Already Yesterday'
    [hey if they can cover Television!]
    probably my fave aspect of those 3 songs is the lyrics


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