THE RUTS - 'Babylon's Burning' / 'Society' (Virgin VS271) July 1979

OK then, I'll kick off my walk down teenage memory lane with this single by The Ruts from 1979

It's a powerful punk rock effort from yet another London band. Seems that the best punk rock bands emeged from the Capital. 'Babylon's Burning' was The Ruts second 45 and was a big hit in England reaching No7. The flip 'Society' is far too fast for it's own good.

Less than a year after this record singer Malcolm Owen would be dead as a result of an accidental heroin overdose.

updated entry from 24/12/07


  1. A nice walk down teenage memory lane for me too. Do you remember seeing them on TOTP?!

  2. Of course...90% of the stuff back then was rubbish disco and soul crap. Even I could tell that and I was on 13/14/15 years old...Basically, anything my folks would hated I loved and that's how it should be I suppose....

    There's plenty of old TOTP footage on YouTube and I could post them on my blog but I don't want to make a habit of that. I can master my vinyl 45s and upload them as a wave file in much better sound than an MP3.


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