THE FLOWER POWER - 'Sunshine Day'/'You Make Me Fly' (Tune-Kel 608) February 1968

I recently completed my Flower Power record collection after many years trying to track down 'Stop! Check It!', so I've decided to focus my attention on them. Not a great deal has been written about The Flower Power so information is scarce.

Hopefully, my postings will encourage former members or people associated with the group to contact me and offer some information. They're an outfit that really intriques me and have done for years.

According to some, The Flower Power were based in Louisiana, but maybe they can be pin pointed as coming from Gulfport, Mississippi as keyboardist Gregg Giuffria is from there (at least according to wikipedia)..

Their first 45 was the flower pop gem 'Sunshine Day' which is typical of the sound male/female vocal groups were recording during late 1967/68. The female singer in question is Sandi Craig. The flip 'You Make Me Fly' is a psychedelic rocker with a notable compact organ sound and fuzz action.
I'm not surprised the compilers of 'Brain Shadows' thought that The Flower Power were from San Francisco as they do have that SF basement psych sound.



  1. hi im joe rolison bass player of flower power yes a gulfport ms band we did record other tracks in houston tx 1969 nothing released

  2. Hello Joe.....
    Thanks for leaving this message. If you'd like to answer some questions I have about The Flower Power please email me at:

    1. colin,love to answer any questions email

  3. Was Gregg Giuffria in this band. What years was he in this band. I am a big fan of his and have enjoyed his work in all the ones I know of. I would love to know all the bands he was in. He is so talented and i love to watch him play.


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