THE FLOWER POWER - 'Trivialities'/'Mt. Olympus' (Tune-Kel 612) May 1968

The third Flower Power 45 is perhaps their best. I first became aware of them when 'Trivialities' was compiled on a 1990 LP 'Brain Shadows.'  The liners indicated that more singles were released by the group so they immediately became an outfit that I wanted to hear more of and obviously know more about.

It turned out that the 'Brain Shadows' liners were not completely correct. The Flower Power released five singles during 1968/69 and were not from San Francisco.

'Trivialities' is a wondrous psychedelic folk rock song, similar to early Jefferson Airplane but with a much more garage feel especially with the organ sound complimented with fuzz guitar. They no doubt had a limited amount of time in the studio and producers Tom and Paul Krimsier were probably not professionals. It turns out that Tom Krimsier was a New Orleans radio personality during the late 60s.

"Mount Olympus stands like a rock in the sea, and nothing makes it real except reality..."

The flip 'Mt Olympus' is nothing short of sensational. A full on blast of psychedelia awaits the listener. Both of these songs were written by Craig Ferguson, an obviously talented guy who I'd like to know more about. Did he go on to other projects after The Flower Power? Was he involved with any groups prior to The Flower Power? If you know anything about this band get in touch...

'Mt. Olympus' was compiled on another 1990 LP 'Beyond The Calico Wall.' Here's Erik Lindgren's comments.