THE COMFORTABLE CHAIR - 'Be Me'/'Some Soon, Some Day' (Ode ZS7-109) August 1968

After the release of the Adrian Pride single on Warner Bros in late 1966, Bernie Schwartz appears to have been without a record label but was still just as active writing songs that were recorded by various Los Angeles outfits during 1967. Check out 45s by The East Side Kids, The Yellow Payges and The Power.

1967 also saw the formation of Bernie Schwartz's next project, The Comfortable Chair which was largely made up of L.A. 'flower power' hippies devoted to transcendental meditation. The group started writing songs and were talent spotted by John Densmore and Robbie Krieger from The Doors.

Ode Records then offered the group a record deal in 1968. I have found a couple of entries in Billboard trade magazine from July '68 confirming the signing as well as information that The Comfortable Chair would be appearing in the Hollywood film 'How To Commit Marriage' which was made in 1968 but not released until the following year.

'Be Me' is probably the most immediate track from their album with it's funky groove and powerful hammond organ sound. The sonic frenzy of the freak-out ending is way too cool. An edited version of this song appeared in 'How To Commit Marriage' showing the group in their vibrant psychedelic clothes...
The flip 'Some Soon, Some Day' is also taken from their album.


  1. I have always thought that the Comfortable Chair album was rather patchy (most of the best tracks are on the 45's), "How To Commit Marriage" is well worth watching next time it's on UK TV, if only to see Bob Hope dressed as a hippie! There is clear footage of a 7 piece Comfortable Chair (one of the actresses "sings" with them). I have seen it mentioned that Jim Morrison sings backup on the album, but I fear that it is just wishful thinking...

  2. The official website for The Comfortable Chair is, if you're interested. Jim Morrison did not sing on the album but John Densmore did play drums on one track.

  3. Agreed with Keith B, but I must add that "Some Soon, Some Day" is one of the most beautiful songs committed to tape during those heady creative times. The vocal blend is exquisite, the instrumentation is delicate, and the ending still sends shivers down my spine. These guys deserved a far better fate than total obscurity.

    1. Thanks Paul.... it's a great song that needs more exposure that's for sure!


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