GLASS PRISM - 'Who Loves Me' (RCA LSP-4270) 1970

The second Glass Prism LP is a little more progressive than their earlier recordings with the always present late 60s organ sound. If anything, 'On Joy And Sorrow' is a much more melodic album with some memorable songs including 'She's Too Much', 'Extension 68' and 'Maggie Don't You Hear Me'.

Gene Weiss was once again selected as producer and work took place at RCA's Studio C in New York City during early 1970. This album appears to have had little, if any promotion, no single was taken from it as a taster, so the release was probably only snapped up by eager fans in PA.

Soon after 'On Joy And Sorrow' the group disbanded, although some members went onto form Shenandoah in 1971.