GLASS PRISM - 'The Raven'/'Eldorado' (RCA 74-0205) August 1969

I don't usually write about records from 1969 but I've had the set of released Glass Prism records for years and have always enjoyed listening to them when I fancy a change from my usual 1965-67 vinyl spinning at EXPO67 HQ.

Glass Prism have a surprisingly healthy presence on the internet, they even have their own website. I'll post the address with my last Glass Prism posting within the next couple of days. It is from their official website that I have learned that they started life in the early/mid 60s as The El Caminos. They were essentially a Beatles 'tribute' band but gained a healthy reputation in Berwick, PA.

It seems that the band name at this point in time was taken from a model of a popular Chevrolet car....the El Camino. By late 1968 they had secured a record deal with RCA Records and it was suggested that a much more hipper name for the group would be used.....they decided on Glass Prism.

The early Glass Prism recordings were a musicalization of Edgar Allan Poe's macabre poems. More about those later. Two tracks were taken from their debut RCA album "Poe Through The Glass Prism" with the top side being 'The Raven' four minutes long I'm thinking that this was risky, although having said that, the single was a local top 10 hit. The more immediate side for me is the punchy 'Eldorado'.....with it's powerful and rather interesting bass runs.

Glass Prism at number 6

Billboard review - August 1969

Billboard advert - August 1969