GLASS PRISM - 'A Dream Within A Dream' (RCA LSP 4201) August 1969

The first Glass Prism album was a collage of psychedelic rock to the words/poems of Edgar Allan Poe. One would naturally assume that this late 60s concept just wouldn't work but not only does the marriage reap fine results, Glass Prism produce one of the most interesting psych albums of the late 60s. Surprisingly it's a piece of work that is virtually ignored.

In my opinion the recording is best listened to in it's entirety, from the opening song on side one 'The Raven' to the closer on side two 'A Dream.' Perhaps my favourite cut on the album is the flower psych dreaminess of  'A Dream Within A Dream' with it's lush instrumentation and Association style harmonies. It's a song just waiting to be discovered and compiled.

All songs were produced by Gene Weiss at Les Paul's studio in Mahway, New Jersey.

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