ADRIAN PRIDE - 'Her Name Is Melody' / 'I Go To Sleep' (Warner Bros 5867) Oct 1966

For those of you out there in 60s pop psych land please direct your mind and ears to this brilliant piece of raga psychedelia by future Comfortable Chair leader Bernie Schwartz. For reasons known only to himself he recorded the classy 'Her Name Is Melody' as Adrian Pride.

Coolsville wavery vocals wrap around the hypnotic raga melody. This one is out to blow minds but probably got no radio plays so was a wasted trippy experience. I only found out about this gem after it was compiled on Rhino's 'Hallucinations' CD set in 2004.

The flip is a cover of The Kinks ballad 'I Go To Sleep'. This version has echoey production and a dreamy feel to it. The production by the way was by label mates Don and Phil Everly.

I rec'd an email from Bernie Schwartz recently (Oct 2007) and he confirmed that the name Adrian Pride was made up by producer Phil Everly. Bernie can't recall the reason why.

updated post from 25/09/07


  1. It did make it to the radio - I'm proud to have played it on WBRU in Providence and WHCN in Hartford. Good sides - and thank you for the exposure on all the Comfortable Chair tracks; "Some Soon, Some Day" is an all-time fave.

    Also, Bernie Schwartz's solo album has the incredible rave-up "Follow Me." That one would be worth posting, too.

    Keep up the good work!


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