DAVE BERRY - 'This Strange Effect'/'Now' (Decca 23.641) July 1965

In my opinion 'This Strange Effect' is Dave Berry's greatest musical achievement. Such a fabulous moody song by the enigmatic singer which was written by Ray Davies specifically for Berry. This is confirmed in October 2012's Record Collector magazine in an interview with Davies.

"Yeah, I wrote that in Melbourne, Australia on our first world tour. But I had it in mind for Dave Berry. It's a lovely thing. He's a star. He's got this Northern accent but he looks like something out of a Western; such a great look. And he had a really good stage presence. I wrote that with him in mind. I'm so pleased he could do it".

Surprisingly, 'This Strange Effect' failed to light up the charts and scraped into the top 40, although it faired better in some European countries, hitting the top spot in Holland and Belgium.

The flip, 'Now' is pure pop with a catchy riff throughout and is a sound that Dave Berry should have experimented with more.