DAVE BERRY - 'Do I Still Figure In Your Life'/'Latisha' (London 45-LON-20038) April 1968

1967 proved to be commercially unsuccessful for Dave Berry in Britain but he was still a huge star in Holland. Much of his music post '66 is not 'Flower Bomb Songs' worthy, falling short of any excitement for my particular taste in music. He released several 45s but in the twee pop ballad vein with soul moves.

Much more interesting is 'Latisha' hidden away on the flip of 'Do I Still Figure In Your Life'. The song is a rare excursion into psychedelia and probably his only psych effort, although I could be wrong as I haven't heard everything he recorded.

Interesting trippy guitar and some cool vocal phrasing. Classy with quite a sparse production job by Dick Rowe.


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