DAVE BERRY - 'Fanny Mae' (Ace Of Club Records 1218) 1966

The studio album 'One Dozen Berrys' (as the title suggests) has twelve songs, equal part R&B ravers and beat ballads. As usual, the ballads are not dangerous enough for me but the R&B movers like 'Hey Little Girl', 'Round And Round', 'Casting My Spell' and 'I Love You Babe' are impressive.

Best of all is the Buster Brown cover 'Fanny Mae', recorded by the latter in 1959.

Here, Dave Berry sticks to a traditional blues format. Great tune, shame it wasn't a single. The cover of the album shows the mysterious Berry dressed in black wearing a chunky silver bracelet. Such a cool look.

Here's more Dave Berry promo photographs from his official website. Go here