THE NASHVILLE TEENS - 'All Along The Watchtower'/'Sun-Dog' (Decca F 12754) March 1968

By 1968 the hits had well and truely dried up for The Nashville Teens and this 45 just happened to be their last Decca release.

It flopped of course but I don't know how. Their version of Bob Dylan's 'All Along The Watchtower' is a classy rendition with it's full production sound by Vic Smith (Vic Coppersmith-Heaven) and pulsating psych guitar leads. Maybe the public just weren't ready for this sort of bluesy psychedelia yet. The Jimi Hendrix Experience released a version seven months later in Oct '68 and had a big hit with it.

The flip 'Sun-Dog' is a traditional blues song but with the bands own lyrics. Even the producer Vic Smith gets a credit. It's a typical early 1968 blueswailer and an indication of the direction the English music underground was going in.

Record Mirror - March 1968

NME - March 1968

The Nashville Teens pictured in 1968 with Cathy McGowen


  1. I found your pieces on the Nashville Teens excellent and agree that they have been over looked. In the late 80's I helped my pal Dave Tulloch on his 60's fanzine "A Letter From Home", and in the 2nd issue (Nov '88) he did a 15 page article on the Teens based on his interview with Ray Phillips.

  2. I've not read 'A Letter To Home' but bought a CDR full of cuttings and other ephemera from someone on Ebay. Loads of info on The Nashville Teens from vintage music magazines.

    I have their rare album which has a couple of great late 60s psych cuts and I recently bought 'Tennessee Woman'/'Train Keeps Rollin' on Parlophone. So a few more postings will follow.


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