THE NASHVILLE TEENS - 'I'm Coming Home'/'Searching' (Decca F.12580) March 1967

The classy mod pop of 'I'm Coming Home' quickly followed the release of 'That's My Woman' probably to coincide with their European tour to Germany and Hungary during April/May '67. Not sure how this didn't dent the charts in Britain but I suppose it was obvious by now that the beat boom groups from 1964 had now either broken up or moved onto experimental psychedelia. The Nashville Teens were no doubt thought of as relics. Time and tastes moved on quickly in the mid 60s.

As The Nashville Teens didn't have a songwriter it must have been tough for them. Shel Talmy's production skills definately raised their sound to another level. The flip 'Searching' is of course another cover version but this one is a treat. Once again, reviews in the music press were positive but lack of radio play and promotion meant that another flop was on the cards.

Record Mirror - April 1967

Record Mirror - March 1967

NME - March 1967