THE SPECTRES - 'We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet' (Piccadilly 7N 35368) February 1967

Prior to becoming famous as Status Quo in the 70s Francis Rossi's outfit were a struggling South London outfit called The Spectres. They released four beaty mod singles on Piccadilly that went nowhere despite strong arrangements and solid production. In fact all four singles had the potential to be hits if their label had promoted The Spectres to any kind of degree.

After their fourth flop 'Almost But Not Quite There'/'Wait Just A Minute' in June 1967,  it was decided to add an extra guitarist in Rick Parfitt and have a name change. First to Traffic which obviously led to arguments with Steve Winwood's outfit but give good exposure with front page coverage in Melody Maker.

The Spectres were forced to give way and became firstly Traffic Jam then Status Quo and of course subsequently having a huge hit with 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men'....

'We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet' is one of The Spectres more garage sounding recordings. Here, they offer a fine reading of The Blues Magoos 1966 hit in USA.

By the way, The Spectres' Piccadilly 45s are virtually impossible to find and if they do turn up they're very expensive and sought after. The best place to find them all intact on vinyl is 'Quo-tations Volume 1' on PRT Records which was released back in 1987. The sleeve was designed by Bam Caruso head Phil Smee.   


  1. Rare, how to download if possible?

  2. I don't offer downloads on my site, just great music, spectacular label scans from my OWN 45s and unique group pics scanned from MY vintage 60s annuals and newspapers.


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