SONNY & CHER - 'You Don't Love Me' (Atlantic ATL 5036) August 1965

Sonny & Cher had a sprinkling of 'Flower Bomb Songs' and over the years they have appeared before with 'It's Gonna Rain', read about that B-Side and 'Look At Us' album cut here
A Cher solo 45 was highlighted here

'Look At Us' sold millions worldwide in it's day but is a mostly watered down, radio friendly version of the folk-rock boom that was all over Los Angeles during 1965. It's with that in my that it's no surprise that the kids were whipped up into a frenzy to buy anything Sonny & Cher during this time.

Tommy Raye's cool R&B tune 'You Don't Love Me' gets covered and for my money is the best track on the album. It's got the perfect '65 sound with that all important echo. crunching guitar and bass noise that we've come to expect from most things recorded at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood.

Billboard - Aug 1965

Billboard - Nov 1965