THE EVERLY BROTHERS - 'Glitter And Gold' (Warner Bros W 1620) January 1966

By 1966 the Everly's were more or less ignored in their home country USA, but in Britain they were still huge pop stars. 'In Our Image' is a solid album with some absolute gems including many that became 45s including 'Leave My Girl Alone', '(You Got) The Power Of Love' and 'The Price Of Love'.

'Glitter And Gold' written by the prolific Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil was an obvious choice of a single in Britain but it never was. By now fuzztoned guitars were being used to colour their rich sounding harmonies.

The album liners written by Stan Cornyn suggested....

"Their voices...their harmony...that's their image. It lifted them out of back country Tennessee obscurity and rode them into the big town in matching Cadillacs. Their sound is more immediately identifiable than The Green Hornet's third gear."