THE CHOIR - 'When You Were With Me'/'Changin' My Mind' (Roulette R-7005) January 1968

The sound on both sides of this disc is a long way from the superlative sounds on 'It's Cold Outside'/'I'm Going Home' which must rank as one of the very best two siders of all time. The Choir struggled to repeat the success of that record and by the end of 1967 were recording music that was commercial pop.

'When You Were With Me' is a strong orchestrated pop song with some brass flourishes. The rich textures of the vocals makes it stand along some of the more introspective Left Banke tunes. The flip 'Changin' My Mind' is in the same pop style and reminds me of late period Beach Boys. Strangely, this song did not get compiled on either of Sundazed releases 'Choir Practice' or 'Psychedelic Microdots Volume 3' where The Choir have five of their songs intact.

Reading the liners of 'Psychedelic Microdots' it appears that The Choir did not play their instruments on these songs, instead Roulette used session musicians. Jeff Jarema describes 'Changin' My Mind' as unmentionable!


  1. not surprised it was left off Choir Practice! thank you posting it


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