RAINBOW - '4 Leaf Clover' (GNP Crescendo GNPS 2049) August 1969

This is a curiosity by a group called Rainbow who self produced this album for GNP Crescendo and in W. David Mohr had someone who could write their songs. All cuts are self penned apart from a wimpy version of 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' which just doesn't work slowed down to walking pace.

The album sounds like what it is. Basically a bunch of Californian hippies messing about in the studio. Some of this makes for interesting listening such as the stoned 'Midnight Candle' but some, including the piano led instrumental 'After The Storm' had me almost falling asleep. At one point I was looking around for the cat to play with it was so tedious.

I like short snappy songs, anything over the three minute mark is unnecessary which made it difficult to chose a track to upload as most of them go beyond this. '4 Leaf Closer' is about as close as you'll get to a straight ahead pop song from Rainbow. It's actually quite pleasant and one of their best.

I found out via Billboard that the Rainbow album was released during August 1969. Every source I've read gives this as a 1968 release which is incorrect.


  1. I listened to it. Reminded me somehow of the Archies cartoon in late 60s, except the Archies were better. The lead hippie singer kind of grates on me.


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