THE NEW COLONY SIX - 'Power Of Love' (Sentar ST-3001) September 1966

I've been writing about my records and ephemera since March 2007 and surprisingly I've never focused on The New Colony Six before. The other day I bought iZotope RX2 for $350. This is easily the best audio repair toolkit I've ever used. You may say at $350 it's got to be!

Anyway, I decided to test iZotope RX2 on my mono LP of 'Colonization' and the results almost made me fall off my chair, they were so good. So it seems a good time to write about The New Colony Six.

They released many singles during their existence which I won't dwell on here with this entry as I intend to write about some of those 45s at a later time. At the moment I'm concentrating on my albums collection.
'Power Of Love' is a cut from 'Colonization' and was also used as a B-Side to 'Elf Song (Ballad of the Wingbat Marmaduke)' released during September 1966.

'Power Of Love' is what I consider a 'Flower Bomb Song' because it's a lovely jangly pop song and folk-rock janglers and anything 12 string Rickenbacker is my business....It's a shame that this powerful pop jangler wasn't the plug side of that single as 'Elf Song' bombed. This would have been a much better bet for a hit.