MAX FROST & THE TROOPERS - 'A Change Is Gonna Come' (Tower ST-5147) November 1968

Just who were Max Frost & the Troopers? I've been thinking about this question for the past couple of days. My theory is that they were a studio combo of Tower/Sidewalk employees who were making incidental music and writing and playing songs for exploito movie soundtracks that said labels released at will in the late 60s.

I've read that Davie Allan & the Arrows were responsible, Michael Lloyd claims that it was him and other members of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band in an interview he did for Shindig magazine. I've also read on that it was ex members of The American Revolution. Max Frost was probably a mix of them all just laying down instrumentation and adding vocals etc.

'Shape Of Things To Come' became a surprise hit for Tower Records when the song was released as a taster for the film 'Wild In The Streets' This prompted the label to release a full album of Max Frost & the Troopers material at the back end of 1968.

I think it's an excelent album with some absolute gems such as the previously mentioned 'Shape Of Things To Come', 'Lonely Man', 'Try To Make Up Your Mind' and my favourite 'A Change Is Gonna Come.'

'A Change Is Gonna Come' has that special psych rock sound of Hollywood with it's exciting groove, relentless backbeat and Association style harmony and flower power 'bah bah bah's'...add into the mix some trippy organ interplay and it's an instant psychedelic classic.

Billboard album review - November 1968