FEDERAL DUCK - 'Circus In The Sea' (Musicor MM2162) August 1968

This is a fine album by a group of students from Pennsylvania that mixes elements of jazz, country and '68 style progressive psychedelia. They never did have any singles released from the album as a promotional taster, so when it was released it no doubt went under the radar as very little seems to have been written about Federal Duck.

Musicor were a newish label based in New York and I found a clipping from Billboard confirming that they had moved into the rock group field after some years of releasing safe MOR. Federal Duck recorded their album at Groove Sound Studios, NYC.

'Circus In The Sea' closes the album and is a quirky piece of psychedelia notable for it's fairground noise intro. Most of the material was written by George Stavis.



  1. Such groovy artwork!
    Some years ago I was looking for a humorous book to read on holiday and found 'Dave Barry's Greatest Hits' - just a series of funny observations on life by this American guy. Turns out he was the lead guitarist for Federal Duck! He mentions a bit about it in a piece he writes about getting another guitar for himself at the age of 38. He talks a bit about making the album and how his "...band career ended late in my senior year when John Cooper and I threw my amplifier out the dormitory window..." etc. It's a good book anyway (published by Pan) but it added an extra dimension knowing he was in the band!

  2. I found this link where Dave Barry describes a reunion of the Federal Duck. He's not listed on the album cover as being in the group but he was probably with them prior to recording for Musicor Records.


  3. I always found the Federal Duck to be an excellent album, but very low key and slightly "downer". George Stavis later made a strange heavily psychedlic banjo album for Vanguard ("Labyrinths" 1969) with Tim Ackerman the Duck's drummer, and then formed Oganookie with most of Federal Duck in Brookdale, California and they released a privately pressed live album.


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