FARGO - 'Promises Of Love' (RCA Victor LSP-4178) 1969

Here's an updated entry I wrote about Fargo back in March 2008.

Fargo were a duo made up of Dean Wilden and Tony Decker based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Their album 'I See It Now' on RCA Victor is a pop psych delight. Strong and memorable melodies and hooks run throughout the entire set of self penned songs.

Tony Decker had previously been in a group called The Tuesday Club. Read about their Philips 45 here.

The Fargo album was recorded at Al Casey's Music Room in Hollywood, California with help on guitar from Rick Cunha and on bass by Terry Paul.

Listening to the album they sound like a psychedelic Everly Brothers with their clever pop psych interludes with great musicianship, harmonies and jangle.
More people need to hear Fargo.