ELLIE POP - 'Watcha Gonna Do 'Bout It' (Mainstream S-6115) 1968

Before I started collecting original 60s garage/psych 45s I spent decades buying (mostly) original and re-issue albums and one of my early purchases was this obscurity by Ellie Pop on Mainstream Records. This album is hard to find and commands a decent price tag but it was re-issued a few years ago and should now be available to a larger audience at last.

In my opinion Ellie Pop were treading their own path in 1968, there's no fuzz, no psych touches, no 1968isms of heavy guitars and keyboards. What you get is a collection of beautifully constructed pop songs that suggest a big Anglophile influence, in particular mid-60s period Beatles. They sound similar to say The Merry-Go-Round or The Left Banke but without the baroque touches. Just pure pop, or should I say Ellie Pop.

Virtually every review I've read online or in Shindig for instance, fails to mention that 'Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It' is a cover of a Hollies cut they recorded in 1963 for their debut album 'Stay With The Hollies.' Ellie Pop wrote all of their own tunes except this one!

I'm not certain where Ellie Pop hailed from or even the full names of the group members but it has been suggested elsewhere that they were from Detroit. Maybe someone can confirm this?



  1. Ellie Pop is a fabulous pop album, but for sure the group are really obscure (I have seen pics of the group one with four members and another with five). They came from
    Roseville, Michigan and Bill Long was their guitarist and they played the Village Pub and the Grande Ballroom in Detroit. They changed their name to Featherstone and later to the Macomb Delfonics.

  2. There are errors in the above blog that Keith B. said. Check your facts.

  3. If you think Keith B is wrong why don't YOU tell me what information you have about Ellie Pop?

  4. "What'cha Gonna Do About It" is a 1964 song by Doris Troy . Her real name was Doris Payne. Songwriters : Payne /Carroll.
    The Hollies covered it.

  5. What'cha Gonna Do About It is a 1964 song by Doris Troy .


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