THE BEE GEES - 'Please Read Me' (Polydor 582012) July 1967

It's obvious on this album that the Gibb brothers had a major infatuation with The Beatles with songs like 'Turn Of The Century', 'Red Chair Fadeaway', 'In My Own Time' and especially the Lennonesque 'Please Read Me' which is pure 'Revolver' era John and hardly ever gets a mention. But it's now a 'Flower Bomb Song'.

The Bee Gees '1st' was recorded over three weeks during March/April 1967 at IBC Studios, London....the home of Cream, The Small Faces, The Who, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and many others. Every song is an original Gibb tune, quite astonishing as all three were still teenagers.

Each and every song is both complex and imaginative. Checking the back of the LP sleeve for information it's quite clear that the brothers had lysergic minds at this point as the songs they arranged on the album such as 'In My Own Time', 'Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You', 'Craise Finton Park Royal Academy Of Arts' and the brilliant 'Please Read Me' are the long-players most trippy forays into the psychedelic. Barry is lead vocal on this one but just listen to those three part harmonies.

Vince Melouney played lead guitar with the group. Back in Australia he had previously been a member of Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs and led his own outfit The Vince Melouney Sect.
Drummer Colin Peterson was also from Oz.

The Bee Gees enjoying a drink - picture scanned from my Alphabeat annual.
Picture from Billboard - August 1967