THE BACHS - 'Nevermore' (Ro-To PR68-1044) 1968

'Out Of The Bachs' by The Bachs is a legendary album by a group of teenagers from Chicago. Few copies were ever made, maybe as few as 150 copies, making this one of the most sought after slabs of vinyl for 60s garage collectors. Original copies go for insane prices when they come up for sale, we're talking many thousands of US Dollars.

Fortunately, the album was re-issued in small quantity in the early 90s on Del-Val, then a couple of years later on Flash (my copy shown). It was officially re-issued on Gear Fab back in 2005 but reviews suggest that the sound on this is not so hot. My copy on Flash is a bootleg and plays approx 2% too slow due to a mastering mistake by the Del-Val label.

Some years ago Patrick Lundborg sent me a needle burn of an original on Ro-To so I have no need to upgrade my Flash label copy, which I must admit sounds decent to my ears anyway.

'Nevermore' from 'Out Of The Bachs' is a fragile, minor key folk rock hymn that is one of my favourites from the set. Despite the crude production and engineering which makes for it's 'demo' sound the whole album of self penned songs is pretty much all killer if you dig this kind of bag.



  1. I too have the Flash CD, but I have always thought that it is a really neat LP. "Nevermore" always reminds me a little of 1st album era Love. Another great choice Colin!

  2. Are these the same Bachs that recorded several live songs, including the killers "Run for your life", "That's the way it goes", and "You're mine"? Don't know the provenance of these recordings; they just happen reside on my hard drive.


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