ART - 'Flying Anchors' (Island ILP-967) December 1967

After The V.I.P's and before Spooky Tooth there was the short lived psychedelic rock group, simply named Art. They're virtually unknown outside English 60s psych collectors and they've rarely threatened the compilers apart from the song 'Supernatural Fairy Tale' which can be found on a Rubble LP.

Most of the music contained on 'Supernatural Fairytales' is of a heavy psych nature with elements of the darkness that Black Sabbath would reap on their first album. 'I Think I'm Going Weird' is pretty much two years ahead of it's time.

'Flying Achors' is very hypnotic with what sounds like a mellotron giving it that lysergic eeriness over an acoustic guitar. Close your eyes and drift off somewhere with this...

"Sitting by a stream,
I begin to dream.
Flowers kiss my feet,
That can be so sweet."

The stunning album cover was created by Granny Takes A Trip boutique designers Michael English and Nigel Weymouth who, with Art producer Guy Stevens were Haphash & The Coloured Coat and it was indeed Art that provided the music for their album.

Art would change their name to Spooky Tooth after this album seemingly went unnoticed.

Luther Grosvenor (lead guitar) he had previously been a member of The Deep Feelin' and The Hellions
Mike Harrison (vocals/keyboards)
Mike Kellie (drums) after Spooky Tooth he was the drummer for The Only Ones
Greg Ridley (bass) quit Spooky Tooth and joined Humble Pie in 1969....died 2003



  1. As I saw Spooky Tooth live a few times and have their albums, I always wondered what Art sounded like, this is far better than anything Spooky Tooth ever did (or the V.I.P.'s for that matter). Great UK acid folk.

  2. Steve Marriott produced Supernatural Fairytale.


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