THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - 'Opus #1' (Flick Disc FLS-45.002) July 1968

I'm currently taking a trip alphabetically through my LP collection and pulled out this one by The American Revolution on Flick Disc. They were previously called the rather dubious The Band Without A Name and even started recording this album under that moniker but by the end of the sessions they had been renamed The American Revolution.

One of the songs on the LP was written and produced by Michael Lloyd of WCPAEB fame. His 'Cold Wisconsin Nights' could easily have fit on The Smoke album he worked on as it has that similar orchestrated pop psych sound.

Most of The American Revolution music contained on this disc is indeed sugar coated orchestrated pop with a hint of Los Angeles psychedelia. Mike Duggo interviewed bassist John Keith for his site. Check it out here
It's interesting to read that the group played very little part with the music as the instrumentation was laid down by heavyweight session players Carol Kaye (bass), Larry Knetchel (piano), James Burton (guitar) and Hal Blaine (drums).

Perhaps the best and most overtly psychedelic cut is 'Opus #1' co-written by John Keith and singer Richard Barcelona. This is a pure Sgt Pepper trip with John Lennon style vocals, and laid back spacey vibes. What a cool song.