GEORGE BEST (the Belfast Boy)

update from January 2009

Belfast born George Best was one of the greatest footballers of all time. Shame he played for Manchester United (a team I loath....not that hard being a Leeds United supporter)...
BUT, George Best had a surname that couldn't have been any more appropriate because he simply was the BEST.

With his silky skills and pop star good looks he quickly became a 60s icon and was once dubbed the 'fifth' Beatle. He went through so many dolly birds, usually Miss World's (it is written that he shagged three different Miss World's during his playing days).....

Unfortunately he liked a good old drink and didn't know how to stop until it killed him in 2005.
Still, my blog 'Flower Bomb Songs' acknowledges George as an all time footballing hero and an unforgettable face of the 60s and 70s.
So did the BBC ,when in 1970 they documented his lifestyle and included a song called 'Belfast Boy' by ex Sorrows lead singer Don Fardon.

DON FARDON - Belfast Boy



  1. I remember watching a TV programme where he was first "The best thing to happen in British football" quite possibly playing with his surname but then, when things started going downhill he was suddenly "The Northern Irish George Best..."
    Also played for Hibs in Edinburgh!

  2. Nice story of Georgie Best, as people liked to call him back during those years. I was born in 1961 & am now father was a well heeled sportsman himself, playing, football, cricket & golf, as a young man, during my fathers heyday, he played for our local football club (Chelmsford City) & the Saracens on a Sunday. Our family were Green Grocers & as I remember my father had many footballer friends who often visited to stock up on fresh fruits & vegetables. Greats like Jeff Hurst, Brian King (goalie), Jimmy Greaves & George Best...those were the magical days of football, when these guys played for the love of the game...not like today for a high salary only & an ego to go with it...many fond memories of the 60's & 70's, a superb time in football history. With so many fabulous players. God bless them all & thank you so much for the opportunity. With kindest regards. Sincerely, Nicholas Scott Barker (PS) yes its probably true George Best was one of the greatest players on the pitch during his heyday. Peace.

  3. Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. God bless all those past British football greats of the 60's & 70's who entertained us on the football pitch with there superb skills. It's know 2015 & it's all about helping people & contributing your time for the good of this world. See you all at the Ramkhamhaeng sports stadium in Bangkok, when Chelsea football club arrives, we're serve all you guys with fresh nutritious Organic Wheatgrass juice. Thanks so much for all your time. Congrats, Nicholas


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