UNCLE SAM & the WAR MACHINE - 'Spy Girl'/'Hold On' (Blue Onion BO-103) September 1967

It is believed that the fabulously named outfit Uncle Sam & the War Machine hailed from Massachussetts and as far as I know this was their one and only shot at stardom......not that any kind of recognition appears to have been forthcoming.

The A-Side was 'Spy Girl', a rather neat psychedelic pop tune with bubblegum intent. The lyrics indicate that the 'spy girl' in question was possibly Emma Peel from British TV Show The Avengers.

'Hold On' is an immaculate slow paced and mournful folk-rocker. I'd like to know more about this combo but information is scant to say the least. Thankfully, the Blue Onion label were around to release such a gem of a 45.


  1. I have a promo copy of this with a promo insert sheet that I believe has the lyrics

  2. I know...my copy came without the lyric sheet....Good to have with that insert.

  3. Followed your post on Youtube.....hoping to hear Spy Girl here, I'll keep looking....I used to follow this band back in the mid Sixties when they were called the Challengers, from Springfield MA. They were primarily a cover band (a very talented and tasty cover band) and apparently changed their name when they released this record.


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