THE TROPHIES - 'Baby Doesn't Live Here Anymore'/'Everywhere I Go' (Kapp K-714) November 1965

I've had both Kapp 45s by The Trophies for years but it's only recently that I decided to research the group because not a great deal has been written about them and they seem to have side-stepped the compilers.

The Trophies hailed from Brattleboro, Vermont and got together sometime in 1963, before the British Invasion in other words. Their first outing on vinyl was 'Walking The Dog'/'Somethin' Else' on (Nork Records 79907/8) recorded in early 1964. It was a very popular record in their locale reaching the #1 spot on both WBZ and WMEX in Boston.

 This local hit record obviously created a buzz and The Trophies were signed to Kapp Records and Laurence Weiss became their producer. The first Kapp release was the group original 'Baby Doesn't Live Here Anymore'/'Everywhere I Go'....all members of The Trophies were given a song-writing credit on the label.

'Baby Doesn't Live Here Anymore' is an uptempo beat mover driven along by harmonica and a Ringo style backbeat. According to Richard Erikson (who informed me by email) this song was written by Tom Howes who played lead guitar.  He also dubbed in the harmonica part. Tom passed on in  2006.  The flip 'Everywhere I Go' brings the pace down somewhat and is a pleasant beat ballad.

The Trophies final release on Kapp was 'Leave My Girl Alone' a classy pop hit in the making, only I think it sank without trace. The song was covered by the Everly Brothers and was the B-Side of their '(You Got) The Power Of Love' 45 on Warner Brothers. The song was co-written by Kenny Lynch who enjoyed some success in England during the mid '60s.

'You're the Queen' on the flip of The Trophies record was written by member Tom Howes and has a beaty sound with a controlled guitar break and tambourine. The Who like background harmonies add an English edge.

Jack Dunham
Paul Olbum
Richard Eriksen
Wayne Harvey
Tom Howes 

  The Trophies publicity pics were taken from Richard Eriksen and Jack Dunham's website. Go here