THE SOUP GREENS - 'That's Too Bad'/'Like A Rolling Stone' (Golden Rule GR5000) September 1965

This is one of those legendary garage 45s released by an obscure band whose exact details were lost in time. That was until MTM tracked them down recently and organised The Soup Greens material, including unreleased acetates, to be re-issued on Misty Lane Records operating out of Italy. (This is exactly what I did with The Roosters by the way, only I linked those guys up with Break-A-Way Records from Germany).

Anyway, back to The Soup Greens. It turns out that they were a three piece based in Brooklyn, New York. For so long they had been unknowns and only came to worldwide acclaim via Pebbles Vol 1. 'Like A Rolling Stone' was the opener on side one of that compilation and many thousands of people would finally be aware of The Soup Greens and hear their teenage garage assault on Bob Dylan's song.

This was in fact the B-Side of the only Soup Greens 45, released during late Summer in 1965. According to Dave Eagle, the flip 'That's Too Bad' was their chosen side for fame for fortune but despite a mention in Billboard and Cashbox trade journals as well as a handful of plays on local New York radio, it appears that few copies of the record sold and the boys would remain in obscurity.

Lenny Matlin (farfisa)
Steve Tennenbaum (drums)
Dave Eagle (guitar/lead vocals)


  1. Nice article. Thanks. Read MTM's complete interview-it's a good story.


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