THE SHAPRELS - 'Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn'/'Rock-A-Boo' (Chess 1993) June 1967

The Shaprels were a five man combo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who have enjoyed several compilation appearances over the years with their debut 1966 merseybeat jangler 'A Fool For Your Lies' and 'Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn' from 1967.

The group seem to have been complete unknowns outside of Milwaukee despite this release on Chess. According to information from 'Do You Hear That Beat', The Shaprels never mingled much with their contemporaries around town.

'Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn' is a moody psychedelic blast with fuzz, tambourine shake and downcast lyrics about a lost love. The recorder (or whatever it is) gives the song a weird 'red indian' vibe, kinda strange but I dig it.

The flip 'Rock-A-Boo' is more of a garage rocker and can be found on a CD release called 'Die Today'. Both sides were produced by Chess staff producer Ralph Bass who also worked with label mates The Baroques.

Jimmy Meier (vocals)
Bob Sczweda (lead guitar)
Tom Richards (rhythm guitar)
Bob Mehring (bass/organ)
Don Hrnjak (drums)

W-RIT Wisconsin - The Shaprels moved up one place to No.39
L-R: Jim Meier, Bob Mehring, Tom Richards, Don Hrnjak, Bob Sczweda


  1. I remember Bob we lived next door in Greenfield Wisconsin. Use to listen to them when I was a kid, his Dad was the manager and they practiced in the basement did not have a garage. I remember a fool for your lies.



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