THE CHANGING TIMES - 'Cry'/'I'm Alone' (Mark VII D-1013) 1967

This weekend I've had a mammoth listening interlude immersing myself in all six volumes of 'Texas Flashbacks' on Antar. These compilations were released at the height of my vinyl comp collecting period 1986/87 and were re-releases of the same series that appeared on the Flashback label in dodgy graphics back in 1980.

I've not got any of the original vinyl LPs on Flashback but understand from various collectors that the sound quality was significantly improved on the Antar releases. What isn't something to debate amout is the actual music contained on this discs from Texas which is a mind-blowing brew of primal '66 garage fuzz punkers and '67 acid psychers with, you guessed it, fuzz. It seems that every Texan teenage group had discovered a fuzztone and would use it to enhance their work.

Almost every song throughout the six volume set is loud unadulterated garage punk and psych apart from a little gem of a folk-rocker by The Changing Times called 'Cry.' I wish I owned this 45 as it's perfect in every way and is what I'd call a 'Flower Bomb Song'...

The Changing Times hailed from Waco, TX and 'Cry'/'I'm Alone' was released on Mark VII sometime during 1967. It's a fabulous folk jangler with fuzz guitar. This record would likely take at least $300 to secure providing one is offered for sale which doesn't appear to be that often. Only one copy appears on popsike.

The Mark VII label also released records by The Knights Bridge Quintet, The Roks, The Twilighters and The Society. It would be a dream come true if someone was ever to release a Mark VII retrospective...

This particular Changing Times may have released an earlier single, 'Free As The Wind'/'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place'

all six volumes of Texas Flashbacks on Antar.