THE WOODS - 'Can't Seem To Get Over You'/'Broken Marionette' (Triumph Records 62) 1965

This is a very obscure disc with no mention in FA&F or BW's Garage Price Guide but I've done some digging and it seems likely that The Challengers drummer, Richard Delvy had some input along with The Clee-Shays lead guitarist, Ed Fournier. The latter wrote the wonderful moody folk-rocker 'Can't Seem To Get Over You'

Producer, Richard Delvy also worked with several Los Angeles outfits during the mid 60s including The Ashes, The Starfires, The Clee-Shays, The Other Half, Colours, Hamilton Streetcar and other outfits such as The Outsiders, Grateful Dead and The Great Scots. I'm sure there will be many more.

Triumph Records also released 45s by The Starfires, The Clee-Shays and The Great Scots. But who were The Woods? Maybe someone will get in touch with details. The flip 'Broken Marionette' by the way is light beat pop and was written by Arthur Resnick and Kenny Young.

Update from Surfcityproductions: (Richard George)
The WOODS were Richard George, John Mead, and Ray Duron and performed under the personal management of Richard Delvy.
They also recorded (with Jim Crouch) under the names of the WOODIES and the SPARTANS, as well as providing vocals for the CHALLENGERS and SAM RIDDLE.

SESSION INFORMATION Year: 1965 Label: Triumph (a subsidiary of Richard Delvy Productions) Studio: Sunset Sound, Hollywood Engineer: Brian Ross-Myring Producer: Richard Delvy Vocal Arrangement: Richard George Orchestral Arrangement: Richard Delvy Writer: Ed Fournier Flip Side: “Broken Marionette”  

Other Recordings by the WOODS: “Ninth Street Beat” (TV theme) “Hawaii” (“Aloha a Go Go”) As the WOODIES: “Go Go, Little Scrambler” (Triumph) “Poor Boy” (Triumph) “Do You Wanna Dance?” (GNP Crescendo) “Count Me In” (GNP) “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter (GNP) “Tired of Waiting For You” (GNP) “Summer Sams” (Sam Riddle commercial) The Challengers at the Teen-Age Fair (GNP) As the SPARTANS: “Count Me In” (Polydor) “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” (Polydor)  

The WOODS performed extensively on TV (including KHJ’s “Ninth Street West”, “KCBQ Rocks”, and the nationally syndicated shows “Ninth Street Beat” and “Aloha a Go-Go”) as well as live concerts in Southern California (including the First Annual Surfers’ Stomp, the Hollywood Palladium, the Redondo Beach Pier, and the Teenage Fair).


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