THE TREES -'Don't Miss The Turn'/'Your Life' (Bali-Hi 808) 1968

I wrote about The Trees way back in March 2007 but at that time I didn't really have much information on them. Since then, I've did a little more digging and it's confirmed via several sources that The Trees hailed from Trenton, New Jersey.

'Don't Miss The Turn' is a solid fuzzy punker with moody ambitions. It's got a weird acid guitar break, a sound I find compelling. Writer credit is Lon Van Eaton on both tracks. This cut appears on the CD 30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall.

"Don't miss the turn into my mind, Oh! I'm on a one way trip, don't make the left turn."

The flip 'Your Life' is 60s pop and has a commercial sound. It remains uncompiled.

Lon Van Eaton (keyboards)
Derrek Van Eaton (vocals)
Tim Case (drums)
Bob Heil (bass)
Michael Kremper (guitar)

Trees picture from Lon Van Eaton's site here

After this single on the independent Bali-Hi label The Trees shed members Bob Heil and Michael Kremper and replaced them with Steve Burgh and Bruce Foster then renamed themselves Jacobs Creek and signed to Columbia. An album followed described as late 60s rural rock with progressive moves. I don't know for sure as I've only heard the 45 'What You Hear'/'A Love Song' both written by Lon Van Eaton.

Jacobs Creek appear to have been a successful New York group playing at Andy Warhol's Factory and supporting The Doors. The Van Eaton brothers were then talent spotted by associates of Apple Records and recorded a 1972 album for Apple with George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

After rubbing shoulders with Rock Music's elite in the 70s the Von Eaton brothers more than likely forgot all about their first 45 but nothing they recorded after The Trees can possibly come close to the fabulous acid punker 'Don't Miss The Turn'....