THE TRAVEL AGENCY - 'Time'/'Made For You' (Tanqueray 20102) December 1966

It is believed that The Travel Agency hailed from San Francisco and were originally called Act III releasing a 45 'Made For You'/'M.F.Y' on Kookaburra Records in 1966. According to FA&F, the group then re-located to Los Angeles and changed their name to The Travel Agency.

Another release on Kookaburra Records followed combining 'Time' with an instro of 'Time' on the flip. Curiously, 'Time' was also released on Tanqueray backed with 'Made For You' some weeks later...

'Time' is an impressive psychedelic rocker which recalls The Byrds circa their 'Younger Than Yesterday' period. Added into this potent mix is some magical raga guitar and vocal harmonies. 'Made For You' is much more poppy but still a charmer and a good example of the '66 L.A. pop sound.

The Travel Agency appear to have been successful in so far as a further 45 and album were released on Viva Records a few years later.


  1. It appears that this bunch evolved into Shanti, whose 1971 self titled album is easily my favourite
    raga rock album ever. Their drummer
    Frank Lupica later made the Cosmic Beam Experience album.

  2. This isn't the same group that recorded the Viva album (but Keith is right in saying that that group evolved into Shanti.)


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