PHLUPH - 'Ellyptical Machine ' (Verve V6-5054) April 1968

I bought this album many years ago and every so often feel the need to play it in it's entirety starting from the first cut on Side One 'Doctor Mind' right through to the end of Side Two 'Patterns.' As an album I think it works very well with plenty of interesting moves.

Phluph (pronounced fluff) is a strange name for a group but great for searching for information on the internet because there's no other group around past or present with such a name. According to the liners on the back of their self titled album Phluph hailed from the Boston area and were (as it turned out) unfortunately lumped in with the 'Bosstown Sound' groups of 1968. Unfortunate, as these groups were frowned upon by the hippie select of radio stations and music weeklies that hyped every West Coast group but lambasted the so called 'Bosstown' outfits or just simply ignored them.

According to the Verve studio archives, Phluph spent three occassions at their New York studio laying down songs from October 1967 to February 1968.....The first Phluph 45 was from their October '67 session and coupled 'Doctor Mind'/'Another Day.' Both of these songs appear on the album.

A second single 'Patterns'/'In Her Way' from their December '67 session followed shortly after, probably to generate some interest for their album which was released during April 1968. Phluph may have enjoyed some success locally but it appears that they were virtual unknowns everywhere else. Over the years the compilers have also ignored them but the organ dominated mover 'Doctor Mind' has recently come under the spotlight of mod DJ's around the world and as a consequence this 45 has now become quite desirable.

My choice is the psychedelic 'Ellyptical Machine' with it's trippy organ and subtle fuzz guitar which I feel is buried too deep in the mix.