KING MIDAS - From The Pipeline EP (Perfect Pop Records 16) 1994

Gloriously infectious pop psych from Norwegian band King Midas. They may have originated from Oslo. One look at the puddin' bowl haircuts on the cover as well as the trippy hand drawn sketch that occupied the back sleeve of the record means we're in for a treat. these boys are out to impress and they certainly do.

'From The Pipeline' is a Syd Barrett era Floydian psycher with lovely harmonies and a hook that journeys to the centre of your mind or should that be mynd. This is a classy pop psych symphony and it's unbelievably from '94!!!
The next track on the EP 'Magic Book' sounds a little different and my ear picks up a sunshine pop vibe with a definite late 60s American influence. Again there is lush harmonies and swirling organ in the mix.

Side 2 opens with 'Magic Lovecraft' and is more garage than psych. I prefer the more psychedelic side of King Midas though. The closer 'Sir Francis Drake' is back to cool UK styled 60s psych, almost toy town stuff. Some nice instrumentation and bendy guitar sounds abound.

King Midas released a follow up EP the following year on Magical Jack Records titled 'In Philicord' but alas I've not heard it. With so many underground European records now impossibly rare the chances of finding 'From The Pipeline' or 'In Philicord' are virtually nil. They just never turn up and when they do the prices are high.

band info:
Ando Woltman (Lead vocals, guitars)
Pierre (bass)
Stephen Martin (drums)
Sonny (keyboards, vocals)
All songs were produced by Tom Trobraten

(updated entry from 16/08/07)

this psych drawing by Erild adorned the back of the EP sleeve