THE JOINT EFFORT - 'The Third Eye'/'The Children' (JE-1) 1967

This Hollywood group were discovered by L.A. scenester Bud Mathis who was also managing The Brain Train at the time. After a debut single they changed their name to Clear Light and signed to Elektra of course.

The Joint Effort worked on the Sunset Strip, eventually becoming regulars at hip club Gazzarri's in early 1967. Sometime that Summer Bud Mathis and co-manager Barry Cantor financed this 45 on the group's own label thoughtfully named Joint Effort.

'The Third Eye' is a blistering psychedelic folk-rocker that could have only come out of Los Angeles. Listen out for a mix of sublime raga guitar & feedback and of course the killer harmonies. The lyrics were written by Bud Mathis and according to the liners of the 'Bud Mathis Sunset Trip' retrospection LP on Dionysus, he took inspiration from the teachings of a Spiritual Master of the Sound Current who told him about the 'third eye'...

The flip 'The Children' is yet more stunning raga psych with fuzz and feedback. The Joint Effort could have been contenders but their follow up was nowhere near as good as this.

Dave Callens (vocals/guitar)
Wanda Watkins (vocals)
Edmund Villareal (guitar/vocals)
Clyde Kaye (bass)
Jeff Salisbury (drums)


  1. Brilliant track. Very Byrds'ian. The B-side sure sounded intriguing, so I looked it up on Youtube. Pure Rubber Soul, that one.

  2. I bought the Bud Mathis album for it's Clear Light connections and found both sides of this fabulous 45 there, as good as the Dovers track of the same name. Another great choice Colin!

  3. Beautiful! Definitely has that 1967 Sunset Strip sound!


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