JELLY BEAN BANDITS - 'Country Woman'/'Generation' (Mainstream 674) December 1967

The Jelly Bean Bandits in '67 were Billy Donald (vocals), Jack Dougherty (guitar), Fred Buck (bass), Michael Raab (organ) and Joe Scalfari (drums). They came from the Newburgh area of New York. Research on the band suggests that they were previously called The Mirror but changed to The Jelly Bean Bandits after signing with Mainstream Records.

The cover of the Mainstream album shows the Jelly Bean Bandits resplendent in cornball bandit outfits (because they were asked to dress like their name for the photo shoot) Three of the band members have also got facial hair. BUT don't expect to hear hippie music. These bandits made classic garage psych and their best songs are on this 45.

The plug song was the uncompiled 'Country Woman.' This is a slow paced punkadelic tune with a cool but too short guitar solo. It sounds like freaky blues.
Perhaps their better known song is on the flip. 'Generation' has been compiled before on Mayhem and Psychosis volume 1.

The opening spoken line 'look to the skies the flying saucers will always be there' is followed by a groovy backbeat complete with echoey drums and the typical '67 garage psych guitar noise. I particular love the drum sound as the song reaches it's climax..Great stuff indeed.

Pic taken from The Jelly Bean Bandits website